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Hotham Primary

 We will continually be updating this throughout school closures - scroll down for great ideas for art and design at home

Art and Design

At Hotham, children are taught the knowledge, skills and techniques that enable them to experiment, invent and create their own works of art, craft and design. As part of our REAL learning their art and design work, wherever possible, feeds into the children's final project outcome so they can showcase their work to be enjoyed by the Hotham community and beyond. Children are exposed to a range of art and design, spanning genres, styles and including culturally and ethnically diverse art and artists.

Working with experts

Progression in skills and techniques is in-built in our curriculum. Where possible, we draw on experts to teach us new skills and share their experience and ideas. These have previously included an artist in residence funded by the PTA, professional illustrators, artists, photographers and architects, many of which have been local to the school community.

Peer critique and multiple drafting (PCMD)

Pupils are encouraged to engage with and critique the art of others, as well as their own and they are supported to do this using key art terms and language. By giving warm and cool feedback on the artwork of artists and their peers, this helps children develop further skills and their appreciation for art and design. Where possible our experts are also involved in critiquing the children's work and help to teach further skills to move their work forward. 



Home learning

Know your artists:  Follow the link to Google's catalogue of world famous artists. Can you recreate their work or your own piece inspired by them? 

Google art gallery

Get inspired: Many the Art galleries, architectural sites and museums around the world let you view them from the comfort of your own home. Fly to New York, Amsterdam, Florence with the click of a button or image!




Also hang a work of art in your own home on your mobile device. Google Arts and Culture

Get practical:  

Below are ideas and activities to develop art and design at home - creating fun and making memories for the whole family.

Ideas for drawing: Also check out these BBC videos 
Ideas for painting: Also check out these BBC videos
Ideas for collage: Also check out these BBC videos
Ideas for textiles: Also check out these BBC videos
Ideas for sculpture, pottery and modelling: Also check out these BBC videos
Ideas for Printing: Also check out these BBC videos