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Hotham Primary School has an active school council, made up of elected pupils from each class as well as the Head boy and girl, along with their deputies.  Each class elects a school councillor to represent them, and the whole school elects the Head boys and girls, based on speeches given in assembly.  

Academic Year 2020-2021:

Back row: Elli & Thomas

Front row: Mateo, Darrell, Alyssa & Emilia


This year's class reps and Head Boys and Girls were announced on 5th October.  The School Council meet regularly to discuss their ideas and those of their peers and feedback to their classes and the Senior Leadership Team.

Head Girl Alyssa
Head Boy Darrell
Year 1 Daniel & Rosabella
Year 2 Eliza & Conor 
Year 3 Rayaheen & Aysha
Year 4 Grayson & Hiba
Year 5 Zion & Stella
Year 6 Dilara & Mahya
Deputy Head Girls Emilia & Elli
Deputy Head Boys Mateo & Thomas


Previous Years....

In October, the Key Stage 2 Councillors went on a trip to the Houses of Parliament to learn about the democratic processes that run the Country.  They went on a tour of the House of Lords and the House of Commons and look part in a workshop to learn about the electoral processes in the UK.

"On Monday, the school Councillors were invited to the Houses of Parliament. Firstly we travelled on the tube to Westminster Station. When we arrived at the education centre we had to go through security. Inside the Houses of Parliament, we visited Westminster Hall and saw paintings of Kings and Queens from the past. Next we visited the House of Lords and we weren’t allowed to sit down because you have to be a Lord or a Baroness to sit down! Then we visited the House of Commons and learnt about the way the MPs vote on issues by being counted in two different corridors. After our tour, we returned to the education centre and took part in a workshop on voting and the election process in the United Kingdom. We explained to the tour guides how we were all elected in our roles on the school council and as head boys and girls."      By Jake, year 6


The School Council meets regularly with Miss Campbell and has chosen charities which will be supported by the school this year, helps organise events such as "Hotham's got talent" and promotes initiatives such as having suggestion boxes in each classroom for ideas the children have.   This year's charities are The NSPCC (https://www.nspcc.org.uk/ and RISE. (https://www.regenerate-rise.co.uk)


Before I was voted for the privilege of being Head Girl, I wrote a speech explaining why the children of Hotham Primary School should vote for me.

 In the speech one of my ideas to improve the school was to put a ‘suggestion box’ in every classroom.  Here, the students in each class would be able to share their thoughts on how the school could be improved; perhaps even saying how we, the Student Council, can be even better at making sure all students have a say in how the school is run.

After messy ‘art work’ with the Head Boy and Miss Campbell, my idea has finally come into action! Now ‘suggestion boxes’ are available in every classroom so anybody can share their suggestions and be certain that they will be discussed by the Student Council.   Emma, Head Girl

The head boys and girls frequently assist our Headteacehr with conducting school tours for people viewing the school and enjoy sharing their experiences of their time at Hotham.  This academic year they have also helped with designing a new PE hoodie which has been designed by Marks and Spencers and is now available to purchase.