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Year 3 visit from Steve Mcqueen

In January 2019, Hotham was visited by Steve McQueen  (a famous Hollywood film director!) who came to visit our Year 3 classes. Steve is preparing an exhibit for the Tate Modern: a portrait of an entire age group of Londoners, capturing tens of thousands of Year 3 schoolchildren from across the capital. Over the next nine months, each and every one of London’s 2,410 primary schools with Year 3 pupils is invited to have those classes specially photographed for the project, with the resulting artwork going on display at Tate Britain and around London in autumn 2019. Clarry, the head curator of the TATE exhibition, commented that the behaviour of our Year Three pupils was exemplary. Well done Year Three.

Hotham Primary had been specially selected to take part in some extra workshops with Steve and his team and were filmed by the London Tonight Program to promote this exhibition. For more information, please visit: https:// www.tate.org.uk/press/press-releases



Trip to the Houses of Parliament

On Monday 15th October, our elected Key Stage 2 school Councillors, head boy and girl and deputy head boys and girls, all went on a trip the Houses of Parliament to learn about democracy and governance. The tour of the House of Lords and House of Commons was wonderful and the workshop explaining the UK's election system was very informative.  Thank you to the education staff at the Houses of Parliament for making this a very special trip.

PPSA Cross Country Competition

On Saturday 13th October, our year 5 and 6 cross country runners took part in a Wandsworth school's cross country running competition at the Richardson Evans playing fields.  Well done to everyone who took part and especially well done to Ava in year 5 who came second in the year 5 girls competition.


Click here to view the end of year Hotham Film



In June 2018, Hotham Primary School received a Pupil Achievement Award from Wandsworth Council in recognition of their KS1 assessment results.

Hotham were one of six schools in the Borough to have the highest proportion of pupils meeting the expected standard in all three subjects (reading, writing and mathematics) in 2017.



On Thursday 28th June, six children from Year 4 participated in the ‘Battle of the Books’ competition at The Roche School, along with eight other schools. The children first had to answer general knowledge questions in a quiz round, then work together to produce a poster for one of the books in the art round and finally, perform a short drama piece in the drama round. We are delighted to say that the Hotham team came first in the drama round and went on to win the competition! Congratulations!



This half term, children from Year 3, 4, 5 and 6 represented Hotham at the Wandsworth Spelling Bee Finals at Penwortham Primary School. They had to learn lots of spelling words and compete against many other schools in the borough. All the children were fantastic, many making it through to the final round on the day and a special congratulations to Emilia (Y3) for being the overall winner and the Wandsworth Spelling Bee Champion for Year 3 and 4 2018!



The Hotham School Councillors meet Justine Greening MP


In January 2018, Hotham's school Councillors met Justine Greening, the member of Parliament for our local area.  The school councillors asked Justine interesting questions about homelessness, pollution and what it was like to be an Member of Parliament.



In Autumn 2017, our year 5 children sent their filmed cookery films off to the LITFILMFEST.  They were selected as winners.  Their prize was a professional film crew to visit the school and transform this work into this: 



In March 2017, children in year 4 entered a national British Gas Generation green design competition.  Emma P in year 4 foxes came second place and won a £25,000 energy makeover for the School and an ipad for herself.  Well done Emma!

Westend in School Visits Hotham Primary School to perform Aladdin!

On Thursday 1st December 2016, Westend in Schools visited Hotham Primary school to perform a pantomime.  All of the children from years reception to year 6 were treated to a performance of Aladdin.  This event was funded by the PTA from fundraising events over the last 12 months.  All of the children and staff had a brilliant morning watching the show!

Visit from An Olympic Medal Winner!

On Friday 21st October 2016, Hotham welcomed a very special visitor - Olympic Silver medallist (and ex Hotham pupil), Joe Joyce!  The children enjoyed asking Joe about his journey to Olympic Success!



School Inspection Performance 2016 - “100 Top Performing and Improving Schools”

Following the school’s recent successful Ofsted Inspection and performance over the past 5 years, Hotham School has been included in a report entitled SCHOOL INSPECTION PERFORMANCE 2016, highlighting the improvements made in Primary Schools performance by Government Initiatives IQ.

The report has a special feature on 100 Top Performing and Improving Schools” in England, outlining how they achieved such levels of improvement in performance and what measures were put in place to tackle inherent problems in their region and how they would utilise additional funding to increase standards in the future. Please click here for the editorial.


Race for Life 2016 

Hotham School have a history of entering a team for 'Race for life' events. This year we thought we would have our own school ‘Race for Life’ event for all pupils, staff, parents and friends of Hotham on Friday 27th May.  

The Race for Life took on a similar format to Hotham Hikes, where the children were led by school staff on a 3km walk through the streets of Putney and the embankment, starting and finishing at school.  Some of the older children, staff, parents and friends of Hotham ran 5km, along the towpath from Putney Bridge to Hammersmith Bridge and back again. It was a great event celebrating and remembering family, friends and colleagues who have fought bravely against cancer. It was very moving to read all the messages from the children, staff, parents and friend of Hotham on the fence around the Orchard playground.     Thank you to everyone who took part and we have raised over £3000!


International Fortnight

International DayAnother successful International Fortnight took place this year with a greater focus on understanding indigenous and native cultures of the Rugby World Cup countries, allocated to each class at the start of the games. The children took part in various activities, from food tasting to the passport morning, where they travelled around classes within their phase carrying out tasks relating to different countries. International DayKey Stage 2 had their Equality Debate, which uncovered new perspectives this year; children embraced equality as being more than just race. It was heart-warming to hear year 5 and 6 talk about gender, racial and disability equality. The culmination of the two weeks ended with the traditional international and historical figure dress up day, which saw children in national dress from their own country, the colours of various flags, sports heroes, and as historical figures from the past, including Marie Curie amongst many others.


Music Celebration Concert

On Wednesday 17th June, Hotham celebrated its first Musical Evening, a celebration of all the wonderfully talented children (and staff) here at school. First up were the children of Year 1 Robins and Starlings, who sang two of their songs from the Wandsworth Singing Project.  'We’re Going on a Journey – O!'. was a big hit and the actions that went along with 'Are We Nearly There Yet?', had the audience in stitches. 

Hotham Community Choir (which is always looking for new members to join) reduced Miss Madden to tears with a beautiful Maori lullaby and then added some energy with Hey There, Georgy Girl!  We have a huge number of children learning to play an instrument in the school and some of the wonderful pianists, violinists and clarinet players entertained everyone with a wonderful array of music. There were even a couple of very brave solos! 

It wasn’t just the children that got involved. Mr Stoner amazed the crowd with his operatic skills and Mrs Bradshaw and Mr Atwood thrilled them with a tense tango.  We had a very welcome return from two former pupils, Lana and Eloise Wilson, who gave the current Hotham children a glimpse of what they might sound like in a few years, with a flute and oboe recital.  And finally, the choir rounded off a spectacular evening of music and song that had the audience dancing in the aisles.  

A huge thank you to all the parents and children that joined in on Wednesday.    Thank you too to Mr Stoner, Mr Atwood, Lydia Wilson and of course, the musical maestro Mrs Bradshaw!


Rob Young - Marathon Man            marathon man

On Friday 21st November, Hotham parents and children joined Rob Young (known as Marathon Man) for the last 10km of his marathon run.  The pupils arrived at school for a very early start (5.45am) and along with Miss Madden, Mr O'Regan and Miss Young ran to Hammersmith Bridge to join Rob and some of the Hotham parents for the run along the Thames mender. 

We are all very proud of the children and their support of Rob Young  on his amazing journey. Later in the day Rob came and spoke to some of the Key Stage 2 children.  It was an inspirational experience!

marathon man              marathon man


Macmillan Cancer Coffee Morning

Macmillan coffee morningOn Friday 26th September Hotham Primary School held a fundraising dayMacmillian coffee morning for Macmillan Cancer Support.  Mrs Flannigan, Miss Hawes and the PTA hosted a coffee morning for the grown ups. Thank you to all the staff who contributed the cakes.  Mrs Bradshaw's Victoria Sponge and Mrs Pentland's Chocolate Tray Bakes were particularly yummy/well received/delicious.

The children didn't miss out on all the fun. They got to swap their uniforms for their own clothes for the day. At the start of the day we held a bucket collection for Macmillan. In total both events raised just over £500.

Being part of the 'World's Biggest Coffee Morning' appears to be becoming an annual event at Hotham. It is the fourth year running the school have supported the initiative and we have to date raised over £1400. That's a lot of cups of coffee sold!


PE with Sir Steve Redgrave and Maggie Alphonsi Maggie Alphonsi

Sir Steve RegravesOn Wednesday 5th March, the Year 5 children joined Olympic rowing gold medallist Sir Steve Redgrave and England women’s rugby star Maggie Alphonsi at Southfield’s Academy to celebrate the huge Sir Steve Regravessuccess of the Sporting Promise programme, an initiative encouraging more young people to take part in PE and school sport.  Children from both schools participated in some of the multi-sports activities throughout the morning with Hotham children demonstrating some of their gymnastics skills! The children enjoyed listening to and getting advice from Sir Steve Redgrave and Maggie Alphonsi.  It was a great day!


  Choir and Lantern Parade   

It has been a busy time for the school choir and Year 4.  On Friday 29th November, both the school choir and Year 4 were involved with the celebrations of turning on the Christmas Tree lights in Putney Church Square.  The choir sang beautifully in front of shoppers at the Christmas market.  Then Year 4 joined with some children from St. Mary’s for the lantern procession down Putney High St.  This year they were accompanied by an accordion.   The children participated in workshops where they learnt how to make the lanterns during the week.  The school Christmas fair preceded the above Christmas events, which was lots of fun. It was a brilliant evening celebrating the start of the Christmas period.

Then on Saturday 7th December, the choir sang with the Wandsworth Symphony Orchestra at  St. Mary’s Church.  The school's carol service was held at Putney Methodist Church on Wednesday 18th December. The children from Key Stage 2 led the service with their brilliant readings and the choir led the singing.  We were all very proud of everyone's performance.  Well done Choir and thank you Mrs. Bradshaw for all your work with the choir.  

 Miss Young and Ms Walker’s Visit to Finland.

In October Miss Young and Ms Walker visited Helsinki to see what they could learn from the Finnish Education System and to look at how they incorporate the Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) into their   curriculum.   Here are some of their observations!

It was a very interesting trip and the first things that struck us were the lack of stress, how calm everyone was in schools, and how independent the children were.  Children start school at the age of 7 and spend  approximately 4 hours per day at school, including lunchtime.  Most children are able to read by the time they start school.

There is  a clear emphasis on life skills and purpose for them. Young children learn how to make different models using a traditional almost ‘Blue Peter’ type approach and later in  primary school, children learn needle craft and woodwork.  They have sewing rooms and learn how to use sewing machines and woodwork rooms with an extensive range of woodwork tools.  Crafts are often taught in the afternoons.

All children in Finland have a free school lunch provided for them every day. This includes a salad or Ryvita or bread and soup or pasta dish.  Generally each day is themed e.g. soup day, pasta day etc. There isn’t a choice, except vegetarian provision and there is no pudding or dessert.  

FinlandThere is a feeling of space around the schools and in the classrooms. The corridors and stairwells were wide with plenty of space for children to hang up their coats, hats, scarves and leave their outdoor shoes, on shelving under the coat hooks. Children were very adept at taking off and putting on their wet winter clothing. Most  children had their school bags over the back of their chair in the classroom.  All children had their own desk with a lid which could also be adjusted into a slope board for writing on. 

Equalities Award

Hotham Primary School has become one of just 50 schools in the UK to achieve a prestigious national award in recognition for its commitment to equality.

Like all public bodies, schools and academies have a statutory duty to challenge inequality, foster good relations and tackle discrimination against individuals and groups irrespective of gender, disability and ethnicity. The EQualities Award pays tribute to those that go the extra mile to become equalities champions. To gain the award, which is recognised by Ofsted, staff and governors undertook a thorough review of the school’s policies and practice and supplied evidence which was independently assessed and verified.

The award was presented by Dr Chris Derrington, Director of the EQualities Award who said In our view, Hotham Primary is a very worthy champion of equality. The evidence demonstrates very clearly that staff and governors work relentlessly to promote equality and a strong culture of inclusion is embedded in all aspects of school development. This is a school that believes diversity is a strength, to be respected and celebrated by all those who learn, teach and visit there. A determined commitment to challenge and overcome inequality ensures that all children achieve well, regardless of their background or circumstances.


Hotham’s Race for Life Team

A record number of people signed up for the Hotham’s Race for Life team, known as                 

Hot Hams.  Forty-six staff, mums and children walked or ran the race at Hyde Park on  Sunday 14th July.  There was fantastic support from dads, other family members and friends on the day.  It was a great day and a wonderful achievement by everyone!  

The team raised £3,754 for cancer research, through donations and cake sales. Many thanks to Ms Sherren for organising the Hot Hams and to 'Friends of Hotham' for all their support with fund raising events.