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Inclusion & SEN


Everyday at Hotham gives children the opportunity to celebrate the inclusive richness at Hotham school. We are proud that we have children and families from many different countries around the world speaking over 50 languages and dialects. This means we can offer an enriched curriculum whereby all of these different cultures, customs, experiences and languages can be recognised and immersed in children’s learning. We can also utilise the wealth of knowledge from parents to help support classroom learning by being trained Parent volunteers at our school, guests at International Month activities, Science Week, Special events, trips and assemblies or even part of our PTA.

At Hotham we believe in a whole school/community approach and believe it is everyone’s collective responsibility to teach and prepare children for the world they will step out into in the years to come. Therefore we use a wide range of people to give our children personalised learning and to ensure they all have equal access to the curriculum. This is achieved by working with a number of outside agencies and having staff trained in a specialised area e.g. English as an Additional Language, Speech and Language, Literacy, Numeracy, Art, Music, and Sports.  

 We believe that our school is about EVERYONE and that we all have INDIVIDUAL needs at different times. We have high EXPECTATIONS for all and want to provide IMMEDIATE INTERVENTION and IMPACT. We strongly believe that vigilant OBSERVATION and knowing our children and families very well will ensure the best OPPORTUNITIES for our whole school community.

We believe no two people are alike and no two days are alike, so we think that the best inclusion is being observant and acting immediately when we see a person in need. The best way to do this is to have strong links with our parents, carers’ and families. Know the children and know their families! School does not stand separate to home; they are co-dependent on each other, so we get to know our families well and with strong daily communication with our parents we can be ready before a crisis or change is about to take place – we all work together.

Hotham SEND Policy 2018/19 

Hotham SEND Information Report 2018/2019

Hotham Equality Objectives 2016-2019