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Hotham Primary


In September 2011 we opened our Bilingual Reception Class which works in parallel to our Open Reception Class. Both classes follow the English curriculum and both classes are learning French through songs, stories and repeated phrases such as commands. The Bilingual Reception Class has a focus on learning French through five areas:

  • Communication – Repeated phrases, Levez-vous / Stand up, Asseyez-vous / Sit down.
  • Music – Singing songs to help the children learn phrases and vocabulary.
  • Literacy and Numeracy – Joining in with stories and counting activities.
  • PSE – Bonjour, Au revoir, C’est à moi / It's my turn, C’est à toi / It's your turn.
  • Immersion – A French teaching assistant works with a group of children and speaks entirely in French, modelling language that the children are currently learning, with actions to support their understanding.

Bienvenue à Hotham

French workshop for parents document

French Vocabulary 


Farm Animals

J'ai un poisson

Les animaux


Voici un chat et un crocodile

Wild Animals


Classroom commands

On your marks

Days, Months and Seasons

Days of the week

Lundi, mardi, mercredi



Bonjour - finger rhyme

My family


Fruit vocabulary 

Si tu aimes les bananes

Hello and Goodbye / Bonjour et Au Revoir 

Bonjour - finger rhyme

Bonjour, bonjour

Bonjour Bonjour Bonjour

Deux petits oiseaux

Je me lève - I wake up


1 2 3 je vais dans le bois

Dix au lit - Ten in the bed

Un, deux, trois

Numbers up to 10

Numbers 11 to 20

Numbers 21 to 30

Numbers 31 to 40

Onze, douze, treize

Un petit, deux petits

Number Songs

1 2 3 je vais dans le bois

Onze, douze, treize

Un petit, deux petits

Un, deux, trois

Parts of the Body

Heads shoulders knees and toes

Voici ma tête


Frère Jacques

J'aime jouer de la guitare

Menier tu dors

Mes Jouets

Sur le pont

French Resources 


Bonjour les amis

BBC Primary Languages French

La Souris

Primary Resources

Experience France

Grand Palais - take in the Parisian view 

Opéra National de Paris - watch with your virtual reality headset