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School Trips and Residentials

School Trips.

At Hotham we undertake a range of school trips to enrich our provision. We take full advantage of our location and our connections. Many are planned in as part of our REAL projects to supplement the learning with more real life experiences; others may take advantage of unique learning opportunities. Some are very local, others are further afield. 

Over the last couple of years trips have included:

  • Early Years - Polka Theatre, Putney Bus Garage & Bockett's Farm, Fulham Palace
  • Year 1 - Fulham Palace, The Tower of London, The Thames, Wandsworth Recycling centre
  • Year 2 - Florence Nightingale Museum, The Tower of London, Fulham Football Ground, Kew Gardens, The Royal Festival Hall
  • Year 3 - The British Museum, RIBA architecture centre, 
  • Year 4 - The National portrait gallery, The Tate, National History Museum.
  • Year 5 - The Science Museum, Junior Citizen Event, The iMax, The Metro Bank
  • Year 6 - Imperial War Museum, Museum of London, A West End theatre, local WW2 air raid shelter, The Guardian.

School Council members also visit the Houses of Parliament annually to learn more about governance and democracy.

We can't always go on trips and have numerous visitors come to school for workshops or assemblies. Many of these include; authors, historians, photographers. As part of our REAL projects we try to work with experts in their field either on site or back in school.


Marchants Hill

Each year the children in Year 3 and Year 4 have the opportunity to spend a weekend at Marchants Hill.  The children particpate in various outdoor challenges like  rock wall climbing, archery, challenge course, low ropes, big swings, zip wire. Not only do they have the opportunity to do new things outside of their normal environment, they also develop confidence, learn to make healthy lifestyle choices and social skills associated with living with other people. Two nights is perfect for a child's first experience of a school residential.   


Children in Years 5 and 6 get the opportunity to go on a 3 night trip to France. They get a fantastic opportunity to put the French they have learnt in school into practice.  The children get to experience french culture and learn about french history. The programme varies every year but visits have included the Bayeux Tapestry, a biscuit factory and take part in activities such as swimming, an evening disco and games on the beach.