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Hotham Primary

Upper Key Stage 2

Lower Key Stage Two is for Year 5 (9-10 year olds)  and Year 6 (10-11 year olds)

In both Years 5 and 6, the children receive the Hotham REAL curriculum offer. Maths is taught through the Maths No Problem and Maths for Mastery approach and Science through the school's own planning in line with the National Curriculum. Wherever possible all other subjects are delivered through that term's real project. During the first few weeks of term parents will receive an information leaflet detailing what the Year group's project is for that term, along with a knowledge organiser for you to help your child learn the key knowledge at home. Weekly homework sheets will also give you the highlights of what your child has learnt that week, along with discussion points for you to find more from your child. 

PE is taught twice a week, at least once by a PE specialist. The music provision is delivered by our school music teacher.

Find this term's leaflets and those of previous projects attached below.

The Year 6 children currently have statutory national assessments. They will sit the End of Key Stage 2 Statutory Assessment Tests (SATs) usually the second week of May.

Year Five Essential Questions 

Curriculum Map

Aut 20

 What's so special about the lungs of our planet? Parents' leaflet Knowledge Organiser Creative project

Spr 20

 Can we bring space back down to earth? Parents' leaflet Knowledge Organiser Creative Projects

Aut 19

How can we bring ancient Greece back to life? Parents' leaflet Knowledge Organiser

Year Six Essential Questions

Curriculum Map

Aut 20

 What did Darwin ever do for us? Parents' leaflet Knowledge Organiser Creative Project

Spr 20

How will we remember WW2? Parents' Leaflet Knowledge Organiser

Aut 19

Are today's children losing touch with nature? Parents' Leaflet Knowledge Organiser




At Hotham we believe strongly in continuing to provide a broad and balanced curriculum for our Year Six children. We will learn test skills but we will still be deeply into our REAL Project. Previous years SATs papers are available online; they will give you an idea of the expectations but please do not complete these at home as we practice them in class and use them target our teaching and close gaps.

Helpful revision websites:

Reading:  Maths:  SPAG Writing
BBC Bitesize English KS2 BBC Bitesize maths KS2  BBC Bitesize English KS2

Pobble 365


Woodlands literacy zone Woodlands maths zone Twinkl Imagine 
Khan Academy lessons & practice

SATs revision books an be ordered online on Amazon or in Waterstones and WHSmith. Speak to your child's class teacher