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Hotham Primary

Hotham Pupil wins an Energy makeover for School

A pupil from Putney has been announced a runner up of British Gas’ Generation Green competition, winning an energy makeover worth up to £25,000 for Hotham Primary School.

Emma Peon, age 9, drew the comic strip which was chosen as runner up by three judges, including Nigel Parkinson, artist at world famous comic, The Beano.

More than 4,000 budding young artists from 123 schools across the country entered the Generation Green Smarter Power competition. Children aged 7-11 were asked to draw a cartoon showing British Gas mascot, Wilbur, demonstrating how to save energy with smart meters.

British Gas is leading the smart meter roll-out, and the Government wants every household to be offered smart meters by 2020.

With smart meters, people can see how much gas and electricity they are using and the cost in pounds and pence, which can help them take control of their energy use and lower their bills.

Energy makeover

The competition aimed to get children thinking creatively about how they use and save energy.

Emma’s comic strip showed her and Wilbur saving energy by putting a full load in the washing machine, boiling the right amount of water in the kettle and using a smart meter to monitor energy use.

Hotham Primary School is set to be transformed with the latest energy-saving technology, such as solar panels, LED lighting and a new energy efficient boiler. The makeover could save the school up to £7,000 a year on their fuel bills.

Nigel Parkinson said: "I knew all the entrants would be good and it was difficult to choose but this one was a strong runner up; great drawing, lovely colours, brief and to the point and with brisk humour! Congratulations."

Sarah Martin HeadTeacher at Hotham said: “We’re delighted that Emma has been named as a runner up of British Gas’ Generation Green competition. Our pupils enjoyed learning about how to save energy with smart meters and had fun using their knowledge creatively for the competition. Emma’s comic strip was outstanding and we’re proud that she’s won an energy makeover for our school. The makeover will help us to save energy every day and will inspire our pupils now and in the future to be more energy efficient.”

Catherine O’Kelly leads the smart meter roll-out at British Gas and is one of the Generation Green judges. Catherine said: “Congratulations to Emma for being a runner up in the Smarter Power competition and winning an energy makeover for their school. Emma’s was a lovely creative interpretation of saving energy with smart meters. Well done!”