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At Hotham we don't just focus on a 'knowledge curriculum'... our vision is to equip children for life by providing them with the academic, social and personal skills they need to succeed in education, to relate well to others and to pursue their dreams.

At Hotham Primary School we are on a mission. A mission that we believe will change the lives of our pupils, our teachers, our families and our community. A mission, an approach to learning, which we believe will change the world!

Our mission is to provide Rigorous, Engaging, Authentic Learning opportunities for all pupils at Hotham. This real world context approach to learning means pupils at Hotham are provided with experiences not just lessons. They see that there is relevance and context to their learning. Much of the work that they undertake is community based too and has outcomes that positively impact our local community, for example Hotham students have run a campaign to reduce the amount of plastic that local businesses in Putney use and have led local people on a walking tour steeped in history, which culminated in a published book.

Throughout their time at Hotham pupils' critical thinking and self-reflection skills are encouraged and developed. Pupils are taught how to critique each other's work, giving warm and cold feedback and go through a process of multiple drafting*. When giving feedback to each other, children are encouraged to 'be kind, be specific, be helpful': this facilitates an academic community of learners, which ensures a constant focus on next steps and improvement. 

This approach to learning is inspired by REAL Projects in the UK and EL Education in the US. It connects deep subject content with real world problem solving and, as a result, extraordinary work is produced; extraordinary work that matters, work that not only has a lasting impact on pupils but also our local community. 

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*Austin's Butterly video, Ron Berger's approach to critique and feedback in lessons