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Hotham Primary

The children love Now Press Play, the PTA have been funding this for us for two years now and it has really enriched the children's learning.

As subscribers we have access to 20 of the Now Press Play resources, it is internet based but it is an audio lesson. The children are immersed in another world and get a chance to act this out along with the audio track. There are then follow up questions and activities that you can do with your child. There are enough for 1 a week for the next 5 weeks in Early Years and Key Stage 1 and more available across a range of subjects for Key Stage 2.

The children can access this independently or it could be fun for all the family!

Parents and teachers can access our Learn at Home content here:


Password: nowpressplay

Go to the website...

Read the instructions... 

And you're off. Always read the set up guide first. It tells you everything you need to know.

There are information sheets to give you more information about the audios and links to activities to inspire your child- which we hope it will! You can do them as a family; it won't hurt for children to engage in the audios out of their phase, older children will definitely enjoy revisiting their younger years!